Frequently Asked Questions

What insurance products do I need for my restaurant/bar?
Typically for a bar or restaurant we recommend:

  • General Liability: If someone slips and falls on your premises and injures themselves
  • Liquor Liability: If you over serve someone, they drive away and kill someone
  • Assault & Battery: Someone "touches" someone else and injures them
  • Business Personal Property: Covers the contents of your bar
  • Loss of business income: If your business burns down, you have no income but still have many ongoing expenses and lost profit

How much will insurance cost for my bar?
There are many factors that play into how much insurance will cost for your bar. The items listed below will cause the cost to increase:

  • Higher estimated annual sales
  • Nightclubs and live music venues: More dancing and live entertainment = higher rates
  • Other live entertainment such as comedians and GoGo dancers
  • Large or multiple dance floors or stages
  • Flaming shots or pyrotechnics of any kind will make it difficult and/or very expensive to get insurance
  • Allowing dogs or combo bar/dog parks will make it very difficult and/or expensive to get insurance
  • Numerous TABC violations, this will make it difficult and/or expensive to get insurance
  • Any claims or losses in the last 3 years will increase cost
  • If you haven't had insurance or have had a lapse, this will make it difficult and/or expensive to get insurance
  • As opposed to the above, bars that only have live music 1-2 times a week, small or no dance floor, with no losses/claims and no lapse in previous insurance coverage will always get the best rates.

I've called 2 or more other agents, will you be able bring a better quote?
There are a limited amount of insurance companies out there that will write any given risk. Furthermore, insurance companies will only release one quote to one agent. If your risk has already been submitted to a company, we will be blocked.

How do I compare quotes? One is cheaper, but how do I know if the coverage is just as good?
There are several things to consider when comparing quotes:

  • Make sure quotes have the same coverage and limits
  • Do the quotes have the same deductibles?
  • Compare exclusions outlined in the policy
  • Is your property coverage "special form" with replacement cost? Though in some circumstances these coverages cannot be offered, your agent should do their best to include this.
  • Next be aware of warranties. These are stringent requirements that must be followed or it will void coverage. Some companies have numerous, nit-picky warranties -- we strive to find companies that have as few as possible.
  • Also, know the company's AM Best Rating and the amount of assets they have. Companies insuring high risk targets such as bars and restaurants should have significant assets upwards of $250 million to pay claims. Look for an AM Best rating of no less than 'A'.